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  • November 10 2014

    Using Marketing Automation With Social Media

    When you think marketing automation, I bet you think email. And email campaigns are a great way to nurture leads at scale over time. But social media can also be a powerful tool in automating your marketing–a tool that I think it is underused by most companies.

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  • August 14 2013

    7 Lessons We Learned About Running a Restaurant Facebook Contest

    Here are 7 (hopefully more useful) tips from what we learned after running a restaurant Facebook contest for TooJay’s Gourmet Deli.

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  • June 28 2013

    3 Tips For Using Twitter For SEO

    Twitter is a great SEO tool that is often overlooked. Here are three basic tips for using Twitter to improve your SEO.

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  • April 8 2013

    The Key to Successful Content on Facebook

    There are dozens of great blog posts out there that will tell you how to optimize your business Facebook page. However, there’s one little gem of a secret that most of these posts fail to mention….

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  • April 3 2013

    Foursquare – Check Out the Perks of Checking In

    When you’re a business looking to break into social media marketing, the first place you probably think of going is Facebook. It’s what everyone talks about, so it must be the holy grail of all that is known as social media marketing, right?

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  • February 13 2013

    What NOT to Do On Your Company Facebook Page

    There are many fine lines when it comes to maintaining a social media page for a company, but some lines are clearer than others. We’ll help you decipher between the two to keep yourself out of trouble.

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  • December 5 2012

    Spruce Up Your Facebook Ads: Ideas to Experiment with

    Facebook ads are an art and a science. What to write? What image to use? Should I target big or target small? All these wise questions, but all Juicy can suggest is – experiment! Read this for insight on improving those often-tricky Facebook ads.

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  • August 24 2012

    Front Line Advice To Social Media Noobs

    The trick about social media is learning to navigate through all of the changes and realize 1) you’ll never know everything there is to know about social media because it is always evolving and 2) you can always discover a new way to use the social media tools you’ve been using for years.

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  • July 23 2012

    Twitter For Beginners

    Twitter is fast-paced, ever-changing and terrifying; so make sure you stay current with the lingo so you don’t get lost in the shuffle. It is a great platfrom to give your business the reach it needs, so read this quick little guide to help you navigate your initial descent into the hub that is…Twitter!

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