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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • July 31 2015

    How to Use Webinars in your Marketing

    Have you ever used webinars in your internet marketing? Chances are, you’ve probably attended a webinar, maybe even done business with the company who put a webinar on, but never really thought about webinars for your company. I know this seem intimidating and they can be a lot of work, but webinars are a fantastic way to build a relationship with your prospects.

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  • July 30 2015

    Understanding Where Your Leads Come From With Attribution Models

    This video is for anybody who is spending money on marketing or advertising, trying to drive traffic to your website and generating leads or sales. We all want to know what is it that I spent money on that worked. Is it natural SEO or is it paid advertising? What exactly, is it that’s generating my sales and my leads?

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  • July 29 2015

    The Psycology of Social Proof

    A good marketer is also a student of psychology. Today I want to introduce a concept called social proof. Social proof is this phenomenon that we, as human beings, tend to look around and see what other people are doing so that we can make better decisions.

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  • July 28 2015

    Use Twitter to Reach New Prospects

    If your customers are on Twitter, you’re going to love today’s video. Recently, I was playing around with Twitter’s advertising platform, and I discovered that you can promote your tweets to followers of another account. Think about the ramifications of this.

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  • July 27 2015

    Take Advantage of Email Signatures for Marketing

    When you get e-mails from customers and other vendors, have you ever noticed the e-mail signature? Smart companies are use that real estate to saying something positive about their company.

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  • July 26 2015

    How To Write Better Website Copy

    I want to challenge you to not only have crystal clarity about why I should do business with you, but I actually want you to write your website copy around that. Do you have real differentiation? Are you talking about yourself in a way that your customers can’t or won’t actually claim to be the way they do business?

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  • July 25 2015

    Discover New Keywords With Google Search Suggest

    Quick tip for you guys today. There is an abundance of customer intelligence hiding right before your eyes in google. What I’m talking about are those suggestions that pop-up when you begin to type in a search query in google.

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  • July 24 2015

    One of the Best Marketing Books Ever – Purple Cow

    The focus of this video is one of the most simple but most influential concepts of my entire marketing career. In 2012, Seth Godin released the now famous book called Purple Cow. The whole premise of Purple Cow–it’s a pretty thin book–can be summed up in one quick passage that I want to share with you so bare with me, it’s just a couple of paragraphs.

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  • July 23 2015

    Pinning Your Best Tweets and Facebook Posts

    There’s a great saying in sports that you’re only as good as your last game, and sometimes I feel that way about our social media page. You’ve got a great post, one of your favorite, all-time, that really explains what you do as a company or really adds value to your customers, but every day you’re putting more information on.

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  • July 22 2015

    One Important Question I Ask Every Client

    When I sit down to architecture a website, create a site map, start writing sales copy, or design any kind of advertising copy no matter what it is, I first need to really understand why people buy what you sell. At the end of the day there are typically just a few key reasons that will actually move your customer to take action.

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